Stiffe's cave tour

Season 2018

Stiffe's cave tour

Season 2018

Stiffe's cave tour

Season 2018

Stiffe’s cave tour 2018

From the millennial encounter between the rock and the water a cave of rare beauty has formed.

The Stiffe Caves are the terminal part of the route of an underground river fed by the karst sinkholes on the Rocche plateau. Over thousands of years the violence of the waters has shaped a wild path where rapid and waterfalls touch stalactites and stalagmites generating a natural spectacle of extraordinary beauty.
The waters after having crossed the mountain rise again near the medieval village of Stiffe and through a deep ravine they reach the Aterno valley.

The internal tourist route is unique and allows even the less experienced to visit the active part of the Karst complex.

The cave has been explored by expert speleologists up to 2900 meters from the entrance. The guided tour takes place only on the first 700 meters through a path equipped with metal walkways.


Telefono biglietteria
Grotte di Stiffe

+39 333 7851582

Price List

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Tour timetable

Summer timetables
– April 1st to October 15 –
Open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
non stop hours.

Winter timetables
 – 16th of October to 31st of March –
everyday non stop
from 10:00 to 5:00.

Open days

Tha cave is open all year.

During the winter the cave may remain closed cause of flooding of the river of the underground .

The tour lasts around one hour and can only be seen with the guide tour. The temperature inside is about 9 degrees therefore it is necessary to wear the right clothing and foot equipment . There are around 150 steps in the tour.

How to arrive

From L’Aquila 21 kilometers driving down the ss17 Pescara direction . Take the ss 261 s Demetrio direction and follow the signs for stiffe .

From Teramo 70 kilometers take the A24 ROMA L’Aquila direction. Exit at the tollbooth of L’Aquila east   and follow Pescara direction signs from L’Aquila .

From Pescara 129 kilometers take A 25 Rome direction. Exit at bussi tollbooth and follow the signs to L’Aquila. On the plateau of navelli. Take the cross road direction parta D’ansidonia and continue to s Demetrio.  Follow the signs to Stiffe.

From Rome 130 kilometers take the A 24-25 L’Aquila direction . Exit at L’Aquila east tollbooth and continue in the direction to Pescara following the same directions from L’Aquila .


Visita Grotte di Stiffe

Visita Grotte di Stiffe

L'assemblea dei soci del Gruppo Speleologico Aquilano ha deliberato di supportare la gestione provvisoria del comune di San Demetrio per operare la riqualificazione della visita turistica delle grotte di Stiffe puntando sulla qualità didattico-scientifica e sul...

Gemellaggio con il Grupo de Espeleología de Geológicas

Gemellaggio con il Grupo de Espeleología de Geológicas

La ricerca scientifica a Stiffe si estende oltre i confini. Il Gruppo Speleologico Aquilano ha stretto un gemellaggio con il GEG ( Grupo de Espeleología de Geológicas ) di Madrid, gruppo collegato alla Federazione spagnola di Speleologia, alla Federazione di...


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